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Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching land clearing east tennessee
Forestry mulching land clearing east tennessee

Forestry mulching is one of our specialties, and one we recommend to many land owners in East Tennessee. Mulching is the process of shredding and cutting smaller vegetation up to the width of a dollar bill, and can be done extremely quickly and efficiently with our mulching equipment. We can use our mulchers to clear up overgrown vegetation encroaching on driveways, roads, and access areas, and to also open up overgrown areas for better use of the land. 

Forestry mulching has numerous benefits for both the land owner and the environment. Mulching the undergrowth and vegetation allows for better access to the land for homeowner use for pastures, gardens, and more. It also promotes healthier soil and forests by clearing excess vegetation that restricts tree and grass growth by turning them into mulch that enriches and stabilizes the soil. Clearing excess vegetation allows for more sunlight to access the forest floor, which allows more grass to grow to and improves habitat for native animals.

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